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October 28, 2016

Conveyor Washers

Conveyor Washers

The Hanson conveyor washer is built to clean even the dirtiest of parts.  With the proper chemical and process, this washer can meet or exceed your cleanliness specifications. 

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New Equipment

Turntable Washers

The turntable washer is by far our best selling design.  The large number of options available for this unit make it very versatile and a great addition in most industrial applications.

Turntable Washers Immersion Washers Super Washers

Immersion Washers

Sometimes recirculated spray does not solve your cleaning challenge.  The next step is to try an immersion system.  This usually takes longer, but it can clean internal passages that a spray system cannot reach.

We even offer systems that combine both a spray and immersion process to offer the best of both worlds.

R.G. Hanson has had a very positive impact on a great many industries.  We have helped make the end product better by providing the process to clean components during manufacturing or remanufacturing.  Our machines are tailored for each project to ensure that our customers are meeting their needs and getting the best output.  At the same time, the customer realizes a cost savings in terms of manpower and chemical usage while meeting strict governmental regulations regarding environmental issues.

Don’t see what you need?  We can still do it!  Check out our Specialty Equipment page

“Super” Washers

R.G. Hanson is truly a "one stop shop" for your industrial parts washing needs.  We build cleaning equipment to your specifications - not ours.  You show us your ugliest, biggest, dirtiest part and we will build a machine that works for you. 

Specialty Washers